Research shows that academic achievement is directly linked to well-developed social and emotional skills. Our holistic approach to learning and self-development will include strategies on how to manage emotions, develop healthy relationships, have empathy and make informed, caring decisions. By creating a positive, nurturing school environment, that provides whole-child supports for both academic and non-academic needs, students will learn to reflect on their actions and how they impact on the global and local community, as well as learning from their community.

At Landsdale Gardens Primary School, our whole school approaches to Social and Emotional learning will incorporate the Zones of regulation, Trauma-Informed practices and protective behaviours. Our teaching and learning program content includes all the areas covered under the WA Curriculum’s Personal and Social Capabilities including:

  • Understanding self and others
  • Recognising and regulating emotions
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Developing empathy for others
  • Handling challenging situations
  • Working effectively in teams
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Understanding and building positive relationships
  • Managing life, relationships and learning effectively

Our school psychologist will be available to support with student wellbeing as well as special referrals. Children with learning, behavioural or social/emotional difficulties may, with parent consent, be assessed by the school psychologist. Parents will be fully informed and involved at all times. The school psychologist does not provide a counselling service but may refer families to outside agencies. 

Our school nurse will conduct vision, hearing and health assessments for children in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary. If you have specific concerns, you may request that the nurse assesses your child. In all cases, parents will be advised of any issues or if further investigation is required. The school nurse visits the school on request.