Effective communication is at the heart of a high performing school. At Landsdale Gardens Primary School, we believe that education is a partnership between our team of professional educators and the parents and carers of our students. When parents and school staff share information, model respect and give consistent messages, children are inspired to grow, learn and achieve their full potential.  Please refer to our Parent Communication Charter that outlines the standards that Landsdale Gardens Primary School expects from all staff when communicating with parents, and the most appropriate and effective methods for parents to communicate with the school. By using this charter, we will ensure a respectful and consistent approach is maintained.      

What Can Parents Expect:  

  • Regular communication from the school via Compass  
  • Scheduled opportunities to meet with the classroom teacher  
  • Other opportunities to meet with the teacher by appointment   
  • Updates about important developments in the child’s class (e.g. incursions/excursions, practicum teachers, other special events)  
  • Formal reports on your child’s academic achievement at the end of each semester   
  • Notification of any serious single issue or ongoing issues concerning your child    
  • Opportunities to provide feedback via confidential surveys such as the National School Opinion Survey  
  • Parent communications acknowledged within one working day and responded to within three working days